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Sometimes, I imagine alternate endings to the story: last-minute miracles, touches of magic. I picture how things might have gone, if I wasn’t there. If I’d left just a few minutes later. If I hadn’t been alone. It doesn’t make any difference. One way or another, the crash always comes.

Ten days after Jaya Mackenzie’s mum dies, angels start falling from the sky. Smashing down to earth at extraordinary speeds, wings bent, faces contorted, not a single one has survived.

Hysteria mounting with every Being that drops, Jaya’s father uproots the family to Edinburgh intent on catching one alive. But Jaya can’t stand this obsession and, struggling to make sense of her mother’s sudden death and her own role on that fateful day, she’s determined to stay out of it.

When her ex-girlfriend disappears and her father’s mania spirals, things hit rock bottom and it’s at that moment something extraordinary happens: An angel lands right at Jaya’s feet - and it’s alive.

Set against the backdrop of the frenzied Edinburgh festival, Out of the Blue tackles questions of grief and guilt and fear over who we really are. But it’s also about love and acceptance and finding your place in this world as angels drop out of another.

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☆ A strong infusion of magic and wonder distinguish this debut novel. - Kirkus, Starred Review

Smart social commentary in a well-written and engrossing story of death, grief, and friendship. - School Library Journal, Starred Review

This artful, thought-provoking novel is perfect for philosophical teens. - Booklist

Jaya is a vividly sketched, relatable character whose brave decisions encourage readers to embrace life and be true to themselves. - Publishers Weekly

A unique, charming novel by a powerful writer who moves easily between abrasive teenage wit and unsentimental, lyrical insights into grief. - BookTrust

A beautiful study of grief, laced with magical realism, this is a strong debut from an exciting new voice in YA fiction. - DIVA Magazine

OUT OF THE BLUE is published by Macmillan Children's Books in the UK and Roaring Brook Press in the US. Also due to be published in China in March 2019, in France in July 2019, and in Bulgaria (date TBC).  

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